Past Webinars

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Host OrganizationWebinar TitleAir Date
National Network of Consultants for Grantmakers
EPIP10 Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media07/10/2013
EPIP2016 Goal Setting for Visionaries01/27/2016
EPIPA Chat with EPIP's Newest Executive Coach, Pratichi Shah03/12/2014
Women's Funding NetworkA Chat with the Audrie & Daisy filmmakers 04/26/2016
ABFEA Conversation About Black Social Change2/9/2017
EPIPA Democratic Philanthropy: A Different Perspective on Funding12/04/2013
AAPIP- Change PhilanthropyAAPIP- Change Philanthropy: Deepening Practices Towards Greater Equity8/24/17
EPIPAdvocacy in Grantmaking - working together for impact11/9/2016
EPIPAs Baby Boomers Begin to Retire, are Next Gen Leaders Ready to Step Up?09/11/2013
Women's Funding NetworkAsk the Expert: Grassroots Social Movements04/13/2016
Women's Funding NetworkAsk the Expert: Innovation Through Technology05/11/2016
EPIPBeautifying Communities Through Conservancies and Land Trusts09/16/2015
EPIPBeyond the Rockstar Paradigm10/30/2013
ABFEBlack Out: Understanding LGBTQ Advocacy and Black Communities11/19/2015
ABFEBlack Out: Understanding LGBTQ Advocacy and Black Communities 04/21/2016
ABFEBlack Power 50: A Funders Conversation 06/16/2016
ABFEBlack Social Change Funders Network Webinar12/10/2015
ABFEBlack Vote Matters: Exploring the Shifting Landscape of Voting, Democracy & Civic Participation06/18/2015
ABFEBlackLivesMatter in Philanthropy: Black Funders As Organizers05/21/2015
Women's Funding NetworkBridging the Gap between Child Care and Education for Low Income Parents9/27/2016
EPIPBringing Entrepreneurial Skills into Grantmaking Practices10/20/2013
EPIPBringing Entrepreneurial Skills into Grantmaking Practices 10/02/2013
EPIPBuilding a Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels and Invest in New Energy Solutions11/04/2015
ABFEBuilding A Strong Infrastructure for Black Civic and Engagement & Political Giving 05/19/2016
ABFECase Study: Who Manages The Money? How Foundations Should Help Democratize Capital11/20/2014
EPIPCatalyzing Change with Communications and Comedy03/26/2014
EPIPCommunity Voices Heard: Engaging Constituents for Social, Economic and Racial Justice04/29/2015
ABFEConnecting Leaders Fellowship Program Interest Call05/07/2015
AAPIPCoordinating Public Sector Health Care Purchasing09/24/2013
National Network of Consultants for GrantmakersCorporate Philanthropy: Moving from That Nice Thing we Do to a Business Imperative04/19/2016
EPIPCountering Organized Hate9/6/17
EPIPCrowdfunding 10107/30/2014
ABFEDear Philanthropy: A Necessary Conversation on Millennial Diversity within the Sector01/15/2015
California Policy ForumDEI-Focused Webinar: "From Marijuana to the Death Penalty: What Nonprofits & Philanthropy Need to Know About California's Ballot Propositions"09/20/16
EPIPDeveloping Your Career Narrative04/15/2015
ABFEDigital Black Power, Social Media, and Justice09/21/2014
NAPDonation Platforms: Network for Good
Women's Funding NetworkEarned Income Tax Credit with a Gender Lens (TBD)04/27/2016
ABFEEmbracing Equity: One Funder's Journey04/16/2015
EPIPEPIP Strategic Planning Update10/26/2016
EPIPEPIP Webinar with Rockwood Leadership Institute on 10/30/1310/30/2013
EPIPEPIP/Public Allies Webinar: Social Impact Bonds 10102/26/2014
EPIPEPIP/Public Allies Webinar: Social Impact Bonds 10204/02/2014
ABFEEvaluation as a Tool Towards Equity09/18/2015
EPIPFacilitation: Tools of the Trade12/03/2014
ABFEFlint Water Crisis / ABFE Pop-Up Webinar03/17/2016
Women's Funding NetworkForging Public-Private Partnerships to Achieve Digital Inclusion04/20/2016
ABFEFoundations and Hospitals: New Partnerships to Improve Black Lives10/20/2016
EPIPFrom Gender Theory to Gender Transformative Giving: Reconnecting Race, Class and Gender02/12/2014
ABFEFrom Moment to Movement10/16/2014
ABFEFunders Briefing: An Update on the Movement for Black Lives09/10/2015
ABFEGathering Strength: How the Movement for Black Lives is Growing06/24/2015
Women's Funding NetworkGender & Giving: Understanding Your Donors12/7/2016
ABFEGender Norms & Black Youth: Reconnecting Race, Class AND Gender11/29/2016
Neighborhood Funders GroupGovernance, Participatory Budgeting, and Grantmaking10/26/2016
EPIPGrace Under Pressure07/16/2014
EPIPGrantmaking for Equity4/24/2017
EPIPHow Barbie Ate Science and Math Outcomes: Feminine Norms and STEM03/04/2015
EPIPHow Funders can Effectively Support Volunteer-led Movements09/30/2015
AAPIPHow to Attract Giving Circle Dollars06/25/2015
EPIP Human Centered Design with frog11/16/2016
EPIPImplicit Bias in Grantmaking 03/16/2016
EPIPIndie Philanthropy: Stories from the field of Reimagined Funding03/30/2016
EPIPIntent to Discriminate Not Required: Understanding a Structural Race Lens09/24/2014
EPIPIntersectional Giving - Reconnecting Race, Social and Gender Justice for More Effective Grantmaking10/19/2016
EPIPInvestment 101 and Transformative Finance5/12/2017
ABFEInvestment Manager Diversity: The Hardest Taboo to Break - 2014 Community Foundations Conference Panel11/18/2014
EPIPLevel Up! Learn the management skills that will help you thrive in your career when passion is not enough June 22, 2016
Women's Funding NetworkMajor Donor Cultivation05/11/2016
EPIPManaging Discomfort: Tough Conversations about Identity to Strengthen your Work10/14/2015
EPIPManaging Up01/06/2016
EPIPMatching Money and Mission: Investments for Social Change10/08/2014
EPIPMicroaggressions' Effect on You: Set Your Healing and Self-Care Toolbox01/20/2016
NAPNAP Membership Benefits and Cause Planet
NAPNative Education Series for Philanthropy
EPIPNavigating Shifting Sands11/20/2013
EPIPNegotiating for Yourself and Your Organization02/03/2016
EPIPOpen Sourcing Social Change08/19/2013
AAPIPPhilanthropy, Refugees, and the Global Humanitarian Crisis Webinar Series: Planning for Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.: What Funders Need to Know12/15/2015
EPIPPhilanthropys Role in Disaster Relief for the Most Vulnerable11/18/2015
EPIPPolice Accountability and Racial Justice: Sustaining a Movement02/18/2015
ABFEPolicing Blackness: Black Communities and Criminal Justice03/18/2016
EPIPPoverty Alleviation and Systems Change with Worker CooperativesMay 25, 2016
EPIPRacial Justice and the Climate Movement July 27, 2016
Women's Funding NetworkRamp up Your Event Fundraising Dollars Using Six Principles11/2/2016
ABFERe-imagining Blackness: An Inspiring Lens on Films and Activism03/19/2015
NAPResearch and Philanthropy in Indian Country
EPIPServe on a Board, Save the World AND Advance Your Career04/23/2014
EPIPSocial Justice Trends in New Media: How New Civil Rights Movements Take Shape03/18/2015
EPIPStrengthening Nonprofit-Funder Partnerships05/21/2014
EPIPStrengthening the Field of Black Male Achievement: Strategies for Success02/04/2015
EPIPSupersized Imbalance: Post-2014 Election, What Foundations Should Know01/09/2015
EPIPTalent-Focused Grantmaking: Fund the People for Impact and Sustainability09/10/2014
Women's Funding NetworkThe Collaboration Institute Model: A Recipe for Economic Security10/26/2016
EPIPThe Future of Philanthropy: A Closer Look at Youth Grantmaking11/19/2014
EPIPThe Next Frontier in Impact Measurement Isn't Measurement At All10/12/2016
EPIPThe Power of Advocacy for LGBTQ Communities from All Levels of Philanthropy03/02/2016
EPIPThe Power of Convergence: Advancing Equity through Policy and Philanthropy10/20/2014
National Network of Consultants for GrantmakersThe Triangulation Factor: How to Manage Dual Client Consultancies06/09/2016
ABFEThe Unfinished Business of Brown v. Board of Education06/19/2014
EPIPTransformational Philanthropy through Giving Circles02/17/2016
EPIPUsing a Gender Lens to Enhance Outcomes and Drive Innovation11/05/2014
EPIPVisualizing Grantmaking Data: Designing Effective Graphs from Start to Finish 06/29/2015
NFGWebinar Recap - Hope in the Heartland: Racial Justice and the White Working Class5/18/2017
Schott Foundation for Public EducationWebinar: Racism in Philanthropy: Effective Practices for Grantmakers4/21/2017
National Network of Consultants for GrantmakersWhat if a Foundation Asks About Staff or Trustee Compensation, Benefits or Hiring and What if They Dont Ask?05/11/2016
AAPIPWhere do Asian Americans Stand on Critical Issues?04/29/2013
HIPWomen in Philanthropy: What’s Next?8/28/2017
Women's Funding NetworkWomen's Funding Network Webinar: Tactics for Successful Job Training Programs1/30/2017
Native Americans in PhilanthropyWorldview Intelligence: Inform your decision-making and improve innovation with this collective approach11/9/2016