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Wondering how you can best engage communities in your philanthropic work? The CHANGE Philanthropy Resource Hub is a great place to start. We continuously curate the best practices, tools, and publications across the social justice and equity ecosystem so that foundation staff members have the resources they need at their fingertips. Check back often, as we are constantly adding new tools, events, and resources. And if you know of a tool, event, or resource that we should include, please use this form to submit information.

  • Events: Find great places to connect with others interested in advancing equity as well as gain insights and tools to further your own work.
  • Programs: Learn about the different programs across the social justice sector that address the issues you are interested in.
  • Tools: Find tools to help you frame your equitable philanthropic giving strategy.
  • Publications: Get the latest data on specific community issues as well as intersectional issues.
  • Past Webinars: Couldn’t make it to a webinar? We have a list of webinars held by our core partners and allies that you can attend from your desk.
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Looking for a consultant? The Diversity Consultants Database is a place to find consultants who have the cultural awareness and background to effectively make an impact on the communities you are looking to strengthen. Funded by the Kapor Center for Social Impact

Lived Experience:
impacting our work and the field

Lived Experience

impacting our work and the field


Noelle Ito
Vice President, Programs

How do you identify yourself?

As an Asian American woman

Tell us about a past experience that inspires the work you do today.

As a 4th generation Japanese American, I have been lucky that my grandparents have shared their story of incarceration during WWII in an internment camp in Arizona. For many, these stories have not been passed down due to shame, anger etc. It is this historical moment in time that has shaped so much of our family history and has inspired me to ensure that something like this never happens again in the US and that we fight for equity for all.

What change do you hope to see in philanthropy?

Giving & leadership that is more reflective of our country and not just an activity for old white wealthy men!