Why the CHANGE?

Transitioning from Joint Affinity Groups to CHANGE Philanthropy and what to expect from this transformation. 

CHANGE Philanthropy is a coalition of philanthropic networks working together to strengthen bridges across funders and communities

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Our Work

We have identified five strategic areas of work: Celebrating Impact, Building Knowledge, Expanding Leadership, Creating Connections and Cultivating Partnerships.

Learn more about the vision for our work as we move forward 

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2017 Unity Summit
Investing in Movements for Equity 
September 18-22, 2017
New Orleans, LA


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Biz GhormleyDirector Operations & Member ServicesEPIP

Biz GhormleyDirector Operations & Member ServicesEPIP

How do you identify yourself?

Woman, white, queer, cis-gendered, able bodied, WASP, radical.

Tell us about a past experience that inspires the work you do today.

In my early work as a frontline social justice/service provider I was asked by the executive team at the non-profit where I worked to represent my rank, file and work in a conversation with funders. I went with others from the organization to the meeting to share our specific expertise and perspective about our work and why it was valuable. The funder was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to process or hear our experience. I was inspired by my employer’s willingness to push against the traditional model for who and what should be included in funding conversations, but also unimpressed by how “uncreative” at best and unjust at worst the funder seemed to be in their process. I have been inspired to push against models that are not inclusive and focused on engendering inclusive dignity and respect; I hope to be pushing for more of that in my current work.

What change do you hope to see in philanthropy?

For Philanthropy to be an inclusive force for funding pilots and sustained necessary programs to support a better human experience for all. For Philanthropy to help catalyze new scalable models for effective programs and processes to improve human lives and connection to a better world.

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