Investing in Movements for Equity 
September 17-20, 2017
New Orleans, LA

2017 Unity Summit

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We have identified five strategic areas of work: Celebrating Impact, Building Knowledge, Expanding Leadership, Creating Connections and Cultivating Partnerships.

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Philanthropy must collectively leverage its resources and advocate for equity in every corner of society.

We are calling on all philanthropic practitioners to join us and #unite4equity


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Carly Hare Coalition Catalyst/National DirectorCHANGE Philanthropy

Carly Hare Coalition Catalyst/National DirectorCHANGE Philanthropy

How do you identify yourself?

<i kita u hoo <i  ]a  hiks. I am Pawnee/Yankton auntie, activist, advocate and ally.

Tell us about a past experience that inspires the work you do today.

At the age of sixteen, I received my Pawnee name <i kita u hoo <i  ]a  hiks which translates into “kind leader of men.” I have strived my entire career to live up to this honor, to embody grace and to hold community as a priority in my mind and heart.

What change do you hope to see in philanthropy?

The future of philanthropy has community at its center and is actively modeling inclusion and equity. Collective wisdom is honored, community knowledge is utilized and leadership is shared.

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